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You are responsible for reading these rules.
Your participation in any Baytuber Tournament or event implies that you have read, understand and will comply with ALL the rules stated below.

1. You must have a valid California Fishing license.

2. You must follow all California DFG rules.

3. You may use any self-propelled watercraft no motors or sails allowed.

4. You must land your own fish.

5. You must wear a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device.

6. All competitors will launch in and out of the same designated weigh in location. (Exceptions maybe made with prior notification)

7. You may get out of the water to walk back to the weigh in location to make it on time. You can't drive or get a ride, or be towed by another watercraft on your way back to the weigh in.

8. At weigh in time, you must be present and ready to weigh your fish. There is a ONE POUND per minute penalty if you are late.

9. Fishing after the designated weigh in time is strictly prohibited.

10. You can use live baits or artificial. If it's OK with DFG, it's OK with us.

11. You may only use (2) rods while fishing.

12. You are responsible for bringing or buying your own bait, whatever it may be.

13. There is a limit of three (HALIBUTS ONLY) per angler and a size limit of 24" measured from the bottom (flat side) for the tournament pot, anglers must comply with all California DFG regulations.

14. All competitors shall be on their best behavior and show good sportsmanship.

15. Any competitor violating the rules and regulations may be disqualified from the tournament, as well as being banned from future tournaments.

16. EVERYONE should know the size limits and amount limits for each fish they keep. If ANYONE brings in a fish that is too small by California DFG Rules, they will be automatically DISQUALIFIED.

17. Cost to enter the Tournament is $25.00; $20.00 for total 3 Fish Limit weight, plus $5.00 for Big Fish Jackpot. 20% is taken out of the total pot for site expenses, trophies and other stuff for the site or tournaments.

18. If no fish are weighed in for the tournament, all anglers will get their $25.00 back minus the 20%, which will be taken out for site expenses, trophies and other stuff for the site or tournaments.

19. A tournament win is determined by the greatest total weight of the three fish limit. the Big Fish Jackpot (side-pot) is not considered a win.

20. If a tie in weight were to occur, the winner will be the one with the heaviest single fish. If there is still a tie, then they split it 50/50.

22. Winners of the tournaments will provide the main course for the potluck at the next tournament. They get to choose what they want to bring and cook. Everyone else should chip in and bring side dishes, water, sodas, plates, napkins and so on.

24. Have fun and enjoy a relaxing day of Fishing, and remember it's only a game.

25. Neither the tournament committee nor is not responsible for the actions, of any persons in the operation water craft, conduct of fishing endeavors, transfer of personnel, fishing equipment or personal property on or off personal transportation, docks, launch ramps, surf launches or otherwise. Each participant assumes all risk and liabilities in connection with their participation. There will be no responsibility borne to any of the promoters, event organizers or sponsors as a result of inappropriate conduct by any of the participants or guests and that each individual participant will hold harmless The tournament committee and its moderators, administrators or owners.

26. We believe in safety first. At all times ensure you are in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and State rules and regulations for the area that you will be kayaking.
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